Most Popular XRAY Pods of 2019

We’ve tallied up the top five most popular XRAY podcasts of 2019, and here they are! 

In Search of Portland: A celebration of old and new Portland landmarks, and the dreamers who populate them. Each episode is devoted to one special building or place—a sacred ground of sorts—with a focus on its past, present, and future.

World of Noise: A weekly glimpse into the vast array of people, personalities, and sounds happening in the Portland music scene. Each episode features interviews, live in-studio performances, or other special programs with people who make amazing sounds in our region.

News With My Dad: A loving tension paired with a progressive hope. Has-been up-and-comer, Jefferson, and his liberal curmudgeon father, Joe Smith, follow current news headlines and talk about what they find interesting. There’s plenty.

Better Money: A look at the folks driving capital and driving change–people working for better money. Hosts Noel Brown and Jefferson Smith talk with impact investors, social business owners, and non-profit leaders about their work and how they became an agent of change.

SpaceGen with Daniel Trainer: The latest in space news! There’s more private commercial activity in space than ever before, and all signs point to the 2020s as the decade humans become an interplanetary species. What was once science fiction has started to become a reality.