The Long and Winding Road: Trumpcare

In a statement made Monday night, Senators Mike Lee of Utah and Jerry Moran of Kansas have dropped their support of the Senate health care bill. This decision comes at a devastating time for Republicans, who have suffered countless setbacks in their attempts to pass a repeal-and-replace plan for the Affordable Care Act. Why have... Continue Reading →

XRAY Seeks Vendors for August 12th Summer Party

Do you have what it takes...... to vend????? Are you bazaar enough? Do you We shout from the rooftops inviting our town's popsicle salesmen, book publishers, vintage sellers, pop-up shop poppers, jewelry makers, artists, ceramicists, zinesters, vinyl dealers, etc to join your buds at XRAY and plop down a table an a tent at... Continue Reading →

The Avalanches’ Tony di Blasi

XRAY's Will Romey talks with Tony di Blasi about touring with the Avalanches, the state of crate digging, sampling, and when the next album comes out. You can catch the Avalanches on Wednesday, July 12th at the Crystal Ballroom!

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