Sama Dams, “Say it” | Album Review

Say It, the newest offering from Portland’s Sama Dams dropped early this month on Friendship Fever. Packed with soaring synths, guitar hero riffs, and intricate polyrhythmic percussion, Sama Dams are back with another heady mix of sonic pastiche. While more direct than past efforts Say It still retains what Sama Dams does best; weaving unconventional... Continue Reading →

How The Kenton Club Is Reviving Portland’s Soul

Portland’s urban landscape has seen a dramatic facelift over the past few years. Williams St. looks more like Silver Lake, CA, than the gravely charming shadow it used to be. Club 21 and other local dives have moved or been built over with overpriced one-bedroom studios, some units remaining unoccupied long after development ceases. But... Continue Reading →

Cecile Richards is Coming to Portland!

Recently, XRAY In The Morning had the pleasure of speaking with Cecile Richards about her tenure as the President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, what it means to fight for human rights under the current administration, and her upcoming visit to Portland. Check out our transcribed conversation with her below, or listen back... Continue Reading →

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