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Holocene: Electronic Ambience

Jordan Rasmussen On a dreary but warmer-than-expected night in early December, concertgoers packed into The Holocene to witness a live performance from one of the world’s most groundbreaking artists - Laurel Halo. Beginning the night was local IDM-auteur Strategy, whose... Continue Reading →

Battle for the Net – Call Congress TODAY!

The FCC is about to vote to kill net neutrality. Only Congress can stop it. Here's a must-read from the Sacramento Bee, from Media Alliance, and the latest episode of The Future of What, discussing net neutrality and what's at stake. Do what... Continue Reading →

Friday Forum Recap: Port of Portland

The Port of Portland holds 10,000 acres of property in the Portland region, including marine terminals, industrial parks, and three airports. People and goods from around the world come to Portland via the Port, but very few people know very... Continue Reading →

Net Neutrality Roundtable with Donyae Coles, Mallory Locklear and Michael Hiltzik

Below is the transcript of XRAY In The Morning's roundtable on Net Neutrality with Donyae Coles, Mallory Locklear and Michael Hiltzik. The roundtable broadcast can be heard here. For more Net Neutrality analysis, check out XRAY's own Radio Survivor episode... Continue Reading →

Friday Forum Recap: New Faces in Oregon Tech

Last week’s Friday Forum was a discussion on the topic of diversity in Oregon tech. Hosted by City Club, XRAY.FM is now broadcasting the Friday Forum live every Friday and we will recap them weekly on Mondays.

Street Roots’ New Executive Director Kaia Sand

Jefferson Smith spoke with Street Roots' new Executive Director Kaia Sand about her path to the paper. You can listen to the interview here or read it's transcription below.  The conversation follows our exit-interview last summer with outgoing Street Roots E.D. Israel... Continue Reading →

The Most Interesting Person In Portland: Rukaiyah Adams

Recently, XRAY In The Morning had the pleasure of sitting down with Rukaiyah Adams to discuss her life, her city, and the role philanthropy plays in building our future. You can read our transcription below, or you can listen in... Continue Reading →

Recap: Tender Loving Empire’s All Together Fest!

  This year marked Tender Loving Empire’s 10th anniversary, and another year of All Together Fest. This local Portland festival runs for five days (Nov. 1-5), spreading all over the city at different venues, and featuring local businesses, art, and musical... Continue Reading →

Friday Forum: Rural Healthcare in Oregon

Last week's Friday Forum was an illuminating discussion on the topic of Rural Healthcare in Oregon. Hosted by City Club, XRAY.FM is now broadcasting the Friday Forum live every Friday and we will be posting audio of these discussions weekly. Rural... Continue Reading →

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